As a fifth-generation cattle breeder, I have a passion for beef cattle, their breeding and genetics.

I have travelled throughout Australia, the US and Canada and have had the privilege to see many modern-day, high use A.I. sires. The herds that these bulls come out of are magnificent and stand as a testimony to their breeders. However, there are many outstanding bulls throughout these regions that will never be given the opportunity to be in an A.I. catalogue.

I believe that Australian seedstock cattle producers can breed sires that would stand up to the best sires in any overseas market. Australian genetics have a lot to offer and is a relatively untapped market. We have bulls here in Australia that suit our environmental conditions, comply with our domestic market specifications, as well as being structurally sound and have the data to support them. Many of these bulls don’t get the exposure and use they deserve.

The market requires a platform that gives bull owners extensive exposure of their genetics among other breeders. Simply, I believe a breeder-to-breeder genetic platform needs to be established within the market place.

Hence the birth of Breeder Genetics.

Jack Laurie
Jack Laurie