Independent Breeding and Marketing Service

IBMS - Independent Breeding and Marketing Service, came into existence as as a company in 2004.

Dick Whale, after his extensive experience managing a large breeding herd, livestock manager for a major feedlot organisation, and as a Senior Manager for Elders in the beef industry, had a passion to assist seedstock and commercial cattlemen to breed cattle that suited their environment, whilst giving the consumer a superior eating experience over other meat proteins.

Dick managed the 500 cow Trangie Research herd in the early 80's for five years. This herd was registered with Angus Australia as it was involved in evaluating the effect of selection for high and low yearling growth rate on subsequent production traits.

In 1985, Dick was the successful recipient of the Angus Society Scholarship to study at the University of Illinois in the States. Here he developed a love of the Meat Science Course under Dr. Tom Carr. Animals from beef, sheep and pig species were assessed live and as carcases. At this time there were no Meat Science courses available in Australia.

In 1986, Dick took a position as livestock manager at ICM’s, Peecelba feedlot, wanting to get more experience in feeding and marketing cattle. He was responsible for all cattle arriving and exiting the feedlot for a diverse range of domestic and export markets. At least twice a week he went to the abattoirs to inspect carcases of cattle being marketed. During his 11 years at ICM in excess of 400,000 head went through the feedlot. ICM was involved in conducting a large number of Ausmeat and breed society feedback trials while Dick was Livestock Manager.

Dick joined Elders in 1996 as a Valued Based Marketing Manager. His role was to assist clients in adding value to their cattle through their Charlton and Killara feedlots. Dick, through Elders Breeding Services, then started working with Elders Seedstock clients, with the view of breeding better genetics suitable for a range of markets they were servicing.

In 2004, Dick, along with his wife Michele set up his own business continue where he left off with Elders.

  1. Evaluating commercial and seedstock herds as to what genetics would improve their programme.
  2. Herd assessment, including structural scoring.
  3. Recommendation of mating sires and bloodlines.
  4. Assisting in the organising of bull and female sales, including buyer support and advice.
  5. Sourcing suitable genetics for clients, at the least possible price.
  6. Organising client tours and conferences both in Australia and overseas.

Dick has been involved in the comprehensive and most successful Angus Dispersal in the last couple of years, with the Gubbins family of Coolana and the Rogers family of Wattletop exiting the Angus Seedstock Industry.

For more information and to find out what IBMS can do for you, please contact;

Dick Whale
0427 697 968